Reaching New Heights Junior Academy

This course will start on December 25th. 2017




The Reaching New Heights Junior Academy is a state of the art fitness training and learning platform offering Irish dancers aged 6-14 world-class fitness training designed to specifically enhance and maximise their Irish dance performance!

The 12 weeks of training is broken down into 3 x 4-week training blocks that each focus on a different aspect of fitness but combined make up the perfect dancer.

The Academy is solely based on producing results and so the course starts and ends with a series of fitness test so that all progress can be measured from start to finish.

On completion of week 12, each dancer will graduate and become part of the RNH members area where they will receive ongoing help, support, and mentorship in the areas of dance, fitness, mindset and injury prevention from our team of experts.

The Junior Academy training is designed to develop all the foundation skills required as a dancer at a young age focusing on building power, sharpness, stability, timing, balance, proprioception and developing that solid foundation to promote a long and successful dance career.


The Junior Academy is designed to run with minimal equipment but where we deem a piece of equipment necessary for optimal results it has been included.

Across the 12 weeks, all that is required is a resistance band and access to an outdoor space or conditioning equipment. This can be in the form of a treadmill, outdoor parks, running tracks or even a spin bike. For those that are strong enough to progress on from a resistance band then light dumbbells can be included but are optional.


Yes, absolutely. The fitness training that you will undergo has been designed to work perfectly alongside your current dance classes to make up the perfect training programme for a dancer. In fact, in the early weeks of the Academy, we will help you design your weekly training schedule so that you can be sure to fit everything in and still have sufficient recovery days in place!


The Junior Academy is very similar to the existing Senior one but shorter and focuses less on theory learning, more on practical training and builds a solid base to set each dancer up perfectly for when the time comes to progress into the Senior course.

The Junior Academy is for ages 6-14 and unlike the Senior Academy, there is more focus on fun practical work that sparks ongoing interaction.


Once you register for this program, you will input your username and password and automatically be greeted by your student dashboard along with your welcome and overview videos by Lauren. These videos will explain in detail the training and education you are about to undergo over the next 12 weeks. Your student dashboard will be your homepage, thus allowing you to check your progress and how much of the course is yet to be completed. You will also be able to see the number of active members and how close you are to graduate alongside everyone else.

As you know, the course is divided into three training phases:

Phase 1 – The Foundation Phase
Phase 2 – The Transition Phase
Phase 3 – The Performance Phase

It is well-known in the strength and conditioning world that the most effective way to train an athlete for optimal performance is to progress through the three training phases listed above.

The aim of phase 1 (4 weeks) is to provide you with a solid foundation on which we can build upon in the later phases. The Foundation Phase is to make sure you possess a very high level of general aerobic fitness, stamina, strength, mobility, and flexibility. This structure is important because each training phase feeds the next one and so in order to maximise results we must progress through the course in this way.

The aim of phase 2 is to make the transition from general aerobic fitness into dance specific anaerobic fitness, made up of higher intensity training that will force you into the same fatigue levels and lactic acid production as what you expect to experience on stage.

Phase 3 is all about performance! In this phase, we look to put everything together and maximise all of the key skills such as speed power sharpness and height. This also means that you will be faster and stronger on stage for longer!


At Reaching New Heights we understand that for real change to occur each dancer must be accountable for their training and goals. This is why all members will receive bi-weekly check-ins from Lauren to ensure that constant progress is being made and motivation remains at an all-time high. There is also 24-hour support from all RNH team members.


All Premium members will receive a free RNH Junior Academy welcome pack. The pack includes the brand new white ’turning dancers into athletes t-shirt’ along with your very own RNH kit bag!


The Junior Academy will go on resale November 1st, 2017 and the course will open for learning on the 25th December 2017.


RNH has no interest in being paid for something we bring no value to. The Academy is designed with the sole purpose of providing you with world-class training & education so that you can get world-class results. However, if you feel we offer you no significant value, you will always have the option to leave the Academy at any stage.


The total training time will equate to around 2.5 hours per week.


Should your registration be a Christmas gift for your child, Lauren will be recording a personalized video message for them to watch on Christmas day after opening the RNH welcome pack, to welcome them on board the Academy and wish them a Happy Christmas!


Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 Weeks


Course Instructor

Admin RNH Admin RNH Author

Premium Subscription £250

6 months of access

The cost of the premium subscription is a one off payment of only £250 and is payable upon enrollment.

Premium students will have access to all of the content at the beginning of the course and will receive their very own exclusive RNH Academy welcome pack.

Monthly Subscription (3 Payments) £100

per month for 3 months
6 months of access

The cost of the monthly plan subscription is for £100 per month and it is payable at the beginning of each month.

Phase members will be drip fed the content on a month by month basis and must start from phase 1. Monthly subscriptions do not include a RNH Academy welcome pack.