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The Reaching New Heights Graduate Academy is an exclusive club made up of an elite group of dancers who have proven they will do whatever it takes to reach the top!

Because of the dedication you have shown by completing the previous Academy you have earned the right to access our top content that is spread across 4 different sections, making up your entire dance performance.

Unlike the entry-level Academies which operate on a weekly basis and have an end date, the Graduate Academy is unlocked on a monthly basis and is ongoing, meaning you have more flexibility with your learning and training. Each month you will have 4 different sections to learn from, delivered by 4 different coaches.

Each month you will have 5 different sections to learn from, delivered by 4 different coaches.

As you can see from the image below, the entry level Academies are a prerequisite into the Graduate Academy and was your chance to prove to us that you have the determination to succeed and are willing to work hard. If you have been invited onto the Graduate Academy it is because you have proven yourself as a dancer who will do whatever it takes to become better and therefore you have earned the right to access our top-level content coaching you across all aspects of dance!


As the purpose of the Graduate Academy is to maintain and continue your training you will continue to need access to any piece of equipment that you used during your Junior, Senior or Teacher course.

The only new piece of equipment that you will require will be a pair of gliding disks/core sliders for the dance sections however for all premium dancers you will receive your very own pair of RNH Academy sliders upon registration!



The entry-level Academies are solely based on fitness and nutrition only. The reason for this is to get you to a high level of conditioning and a place where you have earned the right to access our full range of coaches top-level level content. We are not going to offer this exclusive teaching to everyone because only the right dancers will make the most use of it and recognise its true value. If you have passed the previous course you are this person and you definitely have what it takes to become a Graduate.

As the content of this course is delivered on a monthly basis you can work through it at times that suit you best across the month.



As this Academy is exclusive you will need to use the same name and email address as the previous section in order to be accepted onto the course.

Once registered you will automatically be greeted by your student dashboard along with your welcome and overview videos by Lauren. These videos will explain in detail the training and education you are about to undergo as one of the top dancers on the program. Your student dashboard will be your homepage, thus allowing you to check your progress and how much of the course is yet to be completed.
The Graduate Academy is divided into 5 main sections

  • Section 1 - Fitness (by Robert McAvoy)
  • Section 2 - Nutrition (all)
  • Section 3 - Dance (by Lauren Early)
  • Section 4 - Sports Psychology & Mindset (by Nollaig O’Sullivan)
  • Section 5 - Physiotherapy & Injuries (by Jennifer Crane)

Section 1 Fitness will be made up of two categories:

  1. Program design
  2. Training Tutorials.

The program design lesson will provide you with 3 different conditioning workouts each month, teaching you how to maintain all of your progress made depending on what season you are in. In the training tutorial section, we choose a different area and a new exercise each month that you can implement into your training regime such as a warm up & cool down routine.

Section 2 Nutrition is also made up of two categories.

1. Fitness Food of the month
2. Practical cooking lesson

Each month will feature a certain food that we feel is going to be beneficial to your performance & recovery. We will cover the learning behind is food in the first lesson before progressing onto a practical cooking lesson where we include this food into a recipe that you can implement into your own weekly nutrition regime

The purpose of section 3 is to introduce you to the world of Lauren Early's dance coaching as she teaches you all of her tip and tricks gathered over a highly successful career.

Section 4 is all about mindset, and now that your ability levels are much greater, you need to have the correct mindset to go out and deliver a new performance. Nollaig takes you through 12 months and 12 lessons of specific mindset coaching specifically for Irish dancers and the pressure they face.

Section 5 is your place to go if you have any previous injuries, new injuries or any dance technique limitations that need improving. The RNH Physiotherapist will take you through a new lesson each month on how to fix/avoid all of the common dancing injuries such as skin splits, ankle rolls and knee pain. She will also show you how to fix any limitations in your dancing technique!



At RNH we understand that for real change to occur each dancer must be accountable to their training and goals. This is why all members will receive bi-weekly check-ins from Lauren to ensure that constant progress is being made and motivation remains at an all-time high.

There is also 24hour support from all RNH team members.



RNH has no interest in being paid for something we bring no value to. The Academy is designed with the sole purpose of providing you with world-class training & education so that you can get world-class results. However, if you feel we offer you no significant value, you will always have the option to leave the Academy at any stage.



Each dancer is recommended to set aside a maximum of 5 hours per month divided across each week.



All premium members will receive a free pair of RNH Academy core sliders to be used throughout your dance tutorials to increase your speed, sharpness, and technique!


The Graduate Academy operates on an ongoing yearly membership. We provide an option of two membership tiers:

Premium Annual Subscription - £300 one-off payment (Includes welcome pack and a £60 saving on monthly option).

Monthly Subscription - £30 per month across 12 months (£360 total cost and welcome packs can be purchased separately).

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