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To provide full value, all dancers from the age of 12+ can join the academy. All we ask is that you have already mastered the basic skills required to become a dancer and that you are now ready to take it to the next level. For dancers below 12, the RNH Junior Academy will be launched soon so that you can learn the foundational skills required for when it is your time to step up and join the Academy.

Please note that the course does not qualify you to work as a dancer/teacher; rather, it only makes you an exceptional one.


Yes, absolutely. The fitness training that you will undergo has been designed to work perfectly alongside your current dance classes to make up the perfect training programme for a dancer. In fact, in the early weeks of the academy, we will help you design your weekly training schedule so that you can be sure to fit everything in and still have sufficient recovery days in place.


RNH has no interest in being paid for something we bring no value to. The academy is designed with the sole purpose of providing you with world-class training & education so that you can get world-class results. However, if you feel we offer you no significant value, you will always have the option to leave the academy at any stage.


Once you register for this program, you will input your username and password and automatically be greeted by your student dashboard along with your welcome and overview videos by Lauren. These videos will explain in detail the training and education you are about to undergo over the next 6 months. Your student dashboard will be your homepage, thus allowing you to check your progress and how much of the course is yet to be completed. You will also be able to see the number of active members and how close you are to graduate alongside everyone else.

As you know, the course is divided into three training phases:

Phase 1 – General Preparation Phase
Phase 2 – Specific Preparation Phase 1a
Phase 3 – Specific Preparation Phase 1b

It is well-known in the strength and conditioning world that the most effective way to train an athlete for optimal performance is to progress through the three training phases listed above.

The aim of phase 1 (8 weeks) is to provide you with a solid foundation on which we can build upon in the later phases. The GP phase is to make sure you possess a very high level of general aerobic fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility as well as a basic understanding of nutrition. This is important because each training phase is used as a springboard for you to learn the other phases other phases feeds the next one and so in order to learn the other phases. Phase 2 & 3 are specific training phases. That is, they are specific to the requirements of an Irish dancer. While phase 1 training is based on general fitness, phase 2 and 3 are tailored exactly to dancers’ needs, thus allowing you to train the correct energy systems and muscle actions used in our sport. This also means that you can be faster and stronger on stage for longer periods!


Each dancer is recommended to set aside 2-3 hours for the practical training each week and up to 1 hour for theory learning. The total course time each week will be around 3-4 hours per week.


As a teacher, school or organisation we offer the option to join the Academy via a group licensing subscription which will include multiple users.

For teachers seeking individual education we are currently developing a RNH Teachers Academy that will launch end of 2017 and include less practical training for you, more theory learning into the development of a dancer and training that is solely designed for dance & class based use.

Teachers are not permitted to join the existing Academy as this is intended for dancers only and the training is designed to be completed away from class in a gym based environment. You would instead wait and join the RNH Teacher Academy that will provide you with the training and education designed for specific class based training and the development of a dancer.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 month

Author Information

Admin RNHAdmin RNH

Premium Subscription £250

1 year of access

The RNH Academy consists of 3 phases of training & education. The cost of the Premium Subscription is a one off payment of only £250 and is payable upon enrollment.

Premium students will have access to all of the content at the beginning of the course and will receive their very own exclusive RNH Academy welcome pack.


Monthly Subscription (6 Payments) £50

per month for 6 months
1 year of access

The RNH Academy consists of 3 phases of training & education. The cost of the monthly subscription is £50 per month and it is payable at the beginning of each month.

Phase members will be drip fed the content on a month by month basis and must start from phase 1. Monthly subscriptions do not include a RNH Academy welcome pack.


Contact us for a consultation

1 year of access

As a teacher, school or organisation we offer the option to join the Academy via a group licensing subscription to include multiple users.

This will allow you to deploy the RNH Academy to all of your dancers allowing you to focus on the dance training while the Academy takes care of the fitness training, creating the perfect platform for your school’s progression.


N.B. Currently teachers are not permitted to join the dancers Academy as the training is designed to be completed away from class in a gym based environment. The 'RNH Teachers Academy’ is expected to be launched by the end of 2017!






What Others Have Said

Great Program!
By: Kristin McConnell

I just began last week and I'm noon g week one. I'm already feeling stronger and my director is very excited to see the results. I'm having issues with my resistance bands. I suspect they're too short. I'm going to continue to explore and solve this. Thank you, Lauren and Robert!

8 thoughts on “Reaching New Heights Academy”

  1. Kristin McConnell says:

    I just finished week one. I’m already feeling stronger. My director is very supportive of this program and looks forward to seeing my progress. I’m having some equipment issues, but I’ll solve them. Thank you for this program!

  2. Grace Chambers says:

    I got hurt 3 weeks before NAIDC 2017 and I met you there. I got to dance my solos but I didn’t get to practice until I got to New Orleans. I was just starting my phase 1 learning before I got hurt. This is my first day back and I’m starting over again like you said to at NAIDC. I am so excited to jump right back into it. I love that the academy gives me a year to complete it because I can still start over and get all of this amazing experience.

  3. Emily Floeser says:

    Random suggestion, could we start a Facebook group so we could all share thoughts/ experiences while we’re going through this? I’ve been injured the past 3 weeks so I thought it would be good and encouraging to see how everyone is doing.

    I love everything I’ve READ just haven’t had a chance to properly try yet. 😛

    1. RNH says:

      HI Emily!

      Love your enthusiasm! This is something we are working on and wanted to do from the beginning but knew that a lot of dancers on the platform wanted to keep things private to start with. Now that the Academy is growing dancers will be more keen to share their journey publicly and so at some point we will make the switch from private support to a public support forum like facebook where we can all help and support each other along! Happy for you to get involved in the creation of this and look forward to you being able to start your training!

  4. Della says:

    Fantastic advice! Thank you RNH

    1. RNH says:

      Glad you are enjoying Della! Keep up the good work!

  5. Molly Yourell says:

    Just finishing week one! Really loving the academy!

    1. RNH says:

      Glad you are enjoying it Molly, 23 weeks to go!

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