An award winning team of professional coaches headed by a 6 x World champion Irish dancer. Each team member has vast experience in taking a dancer and developing them into a world-class athlete.

The RNH Academy is an online Irish dance platform that features dance training, fitness training, flexibility, injury rehabilitation and nutritional support. But it’s so much more than just training, it’s a community full of dancers that all share one common goal of becoming the best they can be. We workout together and support each other through one of a kind workouts. We’re coached by world class instructors, who support us, coach us and push us to reach our bests. We sweat, learn and recover, together. With more than 1400 students (and counting!) our revolutionary dance Academy is available to all Irish dancers around the world. Dancers come to us to experience breakthroughs and unlock their full potential — in and outside of class. So are you wanting to own that stage? Then it's time to step up and Reach New Heights! 

Step 1

Establish what area you want to improve. Our team can assist you with this if required.

Step 2

View that course via the drop down menu, watching the overview video and downloading the course pdf.

Step 3

Register for an individual course or choose our all-access membership to receive unlimited access to all of our courses and a monthly instalment plan.

Step 4

Once registration is complete simply select the first lesson and get started.

Step 5

Work your way through the course each week and receive your certificate upon completion of your course.

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